Journeyman leagues are an ideal way to start playing this system or to start a new force for those people who already play.

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The league will only run on 3 nights, 31st May, 28th June, 26st July, with your forces growing from 15 points to 35 points over this time. This will give anyone who gets any toys at Salute a chance to get them ready for the start of the league.

More specifically –
May 31st is 15pts with no restrictions at all.
June 28th is 25pts using the complete 15pt list plus another 10pts
July 26st is 35pts using the complete 25pt list plus the final 10pts.

Scoring as follows:
Win a game @15pts scores 3, @25pts scores 5 and @35pts scores 7. Loses are 1 pt, 3pts and 5pts respectively.
Army is fully pained and based by yourself @15pts scores 3, @25pts scores 5 and @35pts scores 7. (Models must be newly painted and based by yourself for the league)

There will also be a random league challenge for each league meeting (most likely building a small piece of game specific scenery like and objective marker or something similar)

I shall also look into getting a small trophy for the league winner.

So by the end of July everyone will have a 35 point painted army for their chosen faction.

Week one results