We ran a small tournament for club members over the course of two friday nights. Each player had to pick a 4 point warband and was given 2 bands before their first game. Players gained and lost bands according to how well or bad they did on the battlefield. Full rules cam be found Here.

Day 1

Round 1: Colin beat Eamon, Nick beat Justin and Brian and Alan was a draw.

Standings from round one are:

Colin 10 bands
Nick 5
Brian 5
Alan 5
Eamon 4
Justin 2

So all to play for in the second round, Colin was 10 bands up but would have to play someone on 5 bands. So all still to play for.

Round two ended like this:

Nick beat Colin, Justin Beat Alan, and Brian Beat Eamon.

So the standing at the end of day one is:

Brian 13 bands
Colin 11
Nick 8
Alan 6
Justin 5
Eamon 5
These results will carry on to day two for the overall winner, we will also have a winner from day 1 and for day 2, so lots to still play for.

Day 2

First game: Aidan 0 Vs 7 Brian, Nick 1 Vs 2 Alan, Colin 6 Vs 5 Mike, Ant 11 Vs 0 David

Second game: Brian 4 Vs 3 Colin, Ant 2 Vs 3 Nick, Alan 4 Vs 1 Mike, David 6 Vs 7 Aidan.

So totals for day two are:

Ant 13 Bands
Brian 11
Colin 9
Aidan 7
Mike 6
Alan 6
David 5
Nick 4

So well done to Ant for winning day 2, think it’s down to his drumming of me on game one, but he did play very well.

I think some cagey games brought the amount of bands won down in day two as most knew that if you lost your warlord you’d be out of the running. Me, I lost him both games!!

So the totals over the two days and Final results as this:

Brian 24 Bands
Colin 20
Ant 12
Alan 12
Nick 12
Aidan 9
Mike 8
David 7
Justin 5
Eamon 5

Thanks to all that took part, I think most of you know what is next for Saga and I’ll post that up next. Brian we will sort out something for the AGM as a way of a prize and well done to you and Ant.