• Team Name: Nuln Sootstains
  • Race: Human
  • Head Coach: Phil
  • Home Stadium: The Old Forge
  • Team Rating: 102

One of a number of teams heralding from the city-state of Nuln, the Sootstains are comprised of ex artillery foundry workers. As times changed and Blood Bowl became more important then the art of war, the men of the Nuln foundries found themselves without gainful employment. Although they are not seasoned sportsmen, years of backbreaking work mean they are in good physical shape, and there armour is always well cared for and oiled. They always take to the pitch with an ogre, being well used to the creatures ability to heft heavy loads. Sometimes the team play tricks on the ogre during training, such as replacing the Blood Bowl ball with a cannon ball. Funnily enough the ogre didn’t seem to notice the change.