• Team Name: Great Bitten
  • Race: Vampire
  • Head Coach: Ryan
  • Home Stadium: Killenium Stakedium
  • Team Rating: 111

Originally formed during the rise of the British Empire, the team continually lost games, due to their desire to drink tea during the match and having to wait for the kettle to boil. In an attempt to reduce the time spent making the tasty brews select members of the squad were infused with Earl Grey a full week prior to the match. Instead of having the desired effect of keeping them fully tea-d up, it resulted in other members tapping directly into their blood supply during a game. While this gave them the quick fix they needed, it also prolonged their lives and gave them terrible withdrawal symptoms post-match, so much so that they had to find a dark place to sleep during the daylight hours. Fortunately the ability to live forever has allowed a select few players to hone their blood bowl skills to perfection, so long as there is enough tea-ladden thralls available…