• Team Name: Fearsome Fraggles
  • Race: Lizardmen
  • Head Coach: Chris R
  • Home Stadium: The Rock
  • Team Rating: 97

The Fraggles live under a rock within a complex hierarchical familial structure ruled over by their evil doozer overlords. The Saurus serve as the muscle for the taxing tasks of leading the war band, extending their tunnel system and harvesting radishes. The Skinks, whilst raising the young and educating them in the ways of war, also do a mean line in jewellery and practice the ancient art of the dance of a thousand veils.

Long intimidated by their rivals,  the Gorgs, the Fraggles rose up under the leadership of Cotterpin Doozer to claim the entire garden as their own putting an end to having to pillage for radishes.  Enslaving the Gorgs and crossbreeding them with the Saurus, the doozer developed a new super species known as the Krox.  Whilst harnessing the strength of the gorg  with the ferocity of the saurus, they unfortunately display the low intelligence of the self same Gorgs and the agility of the slower Saurus.

With an end to waging war in the garden, peace has settled under the rock leading Cotterpin to direct the natural born rage of the saurus, the lightfootedness of the skinks and the raw strength of the Krox into the noble and ancient sport of Bloodbowl as The Fearsome Fraggles.

Even in this time of peace and good natured sport on the field of bloodbowl, it is rumored that the doozers continue their work of genetic manipulation seeking to improve upon their work with the Gorg genome,  producing vile froglike abominations with so called psychic power.

Where will the designs of the evil doozers lead them, what of the radish harvest and just how many veils do the skinks really need? Only time will tell…