• Team Name: New Orleans Stiffs
  • Race: Undead
  • Head Coach: Mark ‘Bring Out Your Dead’ Brown
  • Home Stadium: The DedEx Stadium
  • Team Rating: 101

Formed after the disastrous events of the Tilean Titans Tour pitch invasion of ’04 left most of the team and several crowd members in dire need of a good undertaker but instead found themselves misappropriated by a particularly crafty Necromancer shouting “bring out your dead, or really sickly”.
Reformed (in many cases literally) and a certain degree of retraining and physio the team now take to the field as the New Orleans Stiffs. Generous sponsors DedEx have re-equipped and bank-rolled the entire operation leading to completely unfounded speculation that many high level executives have previously been under the care of Mr Brown and his Ghouls…