League will begin on 20th January.

Rules are pretty simple – we will follow everything listed in the new Deathzone book for league rules.

All teams must be registered and updated accordingly and any changes must be sent to Ryan at the earliest opportunity.

Each person can enter one team into the league, but may register more teams online for use in friendly matches and other tournaments along the way.

During the league; Each team can play other teams twice (home and away) at any point (I’m not going to list fixtures in date order), so long as you do not play the same player twice in a row.

All pre and post match spending/winnings/improvements etc. must be observed by your opponent.

All matches played must be recorded on this site at the earliest opportunity.

The league will run for 6 months, unless all matches have been played in which case we will end it sooner.

Physical prizes will be awarded at the end of the league for First place, Runner-up, Most Casualties, Most Touchdowns, Most improved player.

gp prizes will also be awarded dependent on final positions in the league. 1st Place – 100,000gp. 2nd Place 50,000gp. 3rd Place 25,000gp

Spot prizes will also available. Each are worth 25,000gp

The prizes are: First league team to score 3 or more touchdowns in a match. First league death caused. First league team to cause 5 injuries in a single game. First league team to receive no injuries in a match. First successfully thrown player. First one-turn touchdown.

Friendly matches may be played from the 1st January 2017, but you must still observe the above rule of not playing the same person twice in a row.

Winnings from friendly matches are D3 instead of D6, and no MVP will be awarded in these matches, but all other increases/decreases in SPP/FF will be as normal.

During the league we will run the IronStone Chalice Tournament – these matches will be pre-arranged and will be an exception to the same opponent in a row rule. It is proposed that we will not start this until March, and gauge interest.