1st Battle of Newton Green

Using the Hail Caesar rule set from warlord games we decided to try and run a large game on a Friday night. As a club we had played many Saga games and most members had a warband of sorts. The idea was to combine the warbands into two forces and have a large battle. Asking around the club we had alot of interest, but sadly had to cut the number down to eight, four a side. One friday night was chosen and a 14 foot by 6 table was set up.

The side was set as,

The Invaders are:

David (Viking)(General)
Aidan (Using some of Eamon’s Vikings)
Alan/Ant (Viking)
Colin (Norman)
Brian (Viking)

And the Settlers are:

Tony (Anglo Saxon) (General)
Eamon (Anglo Saxon)
Nick (Anglo Saxon)
Steve (Welsh)
Paul (Anglo Saxon)

Here are some pics of the battle

The table before the madness begins! We didn’t want to get bogged down at the set up stage so the clock was ticking. Any figures not on the table before 8pm wont make the battle.

While the other members paid their subs I took a few before pics. The Invaders are on the left and the Settlers are on the right.

Come on Eamon give us a smile! We haven’t even started yet!

Now the dice are rolling!

Don’t get cocky kid!

To review the game, the invaders left flank was able to destroy his settler counterpart, at the same time the settlers general also fled collapsing his whole right flank. Sadly the remaining settlers was able to wipe three out of the four commanders left on the board, for a settlers win.