Ok, so I have been busy with these guys, but haven’t been busy updating my progress 😉 Anyhoo – Hammerfall Bunker, and a couple of Kit-bash minis added to the collection. Decided that I didn’t want to fork out £20 a pop for a techmarine and Apothecary, so just mashed these two together. I have dubbed the Techmarine’s weapon – a ‘Welding Hammer’, becuase… well… why not? and becuase my dice rolls are generally atrocious; I present the ‘Worst Apothecary in the Grim Dark Future’. Currently working on an Invictor Warsuit, a Captain, some Aggressors and I have a Freeblade Knight to get to grips with too – for a bit more firepower, along with some intercessors I can’t find at the moment – but then I think I’ll call the army done. I’ll keep you posted (if I remember…).

Until next time, Ryan.