Well, I went with the Inceptors, but the Chaplain is nearly done and I’ve made a solid start on the Impulsor, but it’s been so long since I painted something with that many large flat surfaces I kind of wish I’d cracked out my airbrush – but then I’m not sure the difference in smoothness from the airbrush would look iffy with all the drybrushed troops – so I treated myself to a new large drybrush (a.k.a. cheapo brush from the local art shop…).

Anyhow – really happy with how these guys turned out, plus I found my portable light-box for a snazzy shot. My only gripe with these guys is gluing the flying stands to the models – can’t help but think there’s a better way to do it, so I’ll probably pin them if they break in the future.

I’ll give them a run out this Friday which will be my second ever game of 40K using marines (which is quite a feat seeing as I’ve played 40K since I was 11 years old – The guy in the GW store was shocked that I’d never done marines before in 29 years of gaming) – so you might see some shots on them in the (almost) weekly ‘This Friday in Pictures’ post – stay tuned!

P.S. I should also say that I haven’t put the waterslide transfers on yet – but I’ll update the photo when I do…