Finally done a whole ten-man unit of Infiltrators – I would like to say they’re finished, but I’m in two minds about what to put on their left shoulder pads. Having purchased some print-your-own transfer sheets I’m tempted to make my own – although my printer doesn’t do white – and I’d really like the symbol to stand out. I’ll probably end up buying some generic transfers and combine a couple of types to build my own Chapter Icon, as (other than the one image I found on pintrest) this Heralds of War faction doesn’t appear to exist on any SM wiki or anything.

Must say I’m also very impressed with the Micro-Set and Micro-Sol decal process, and would fully recommend it to anyone who knows the transfers will look better than if they try to paint by hand. So here’s where I’m at….

Next I’ll be painting up another unit of Infiltrators, to ensure my troop choices are done for any future games. Ryan