New year, new army right? Having purged my collection of all Warhammer 40,000 early last year, i somehow drifted onto the GW Store Marines pages and thought – oooh they’re actually quite nice – despite being an avid Eldar supporter for 29 years. So, as I am banning myself from purchasing new miniatures this year, I filled my Christmas list with enough miniatures to keep me going for a while – A couple of Space Marine Combat Patrols, and a set of Infiltrators, Talisman and some more Idoneth Deepkin. I also have a plan to build more bespoke things this year – like a completely wired Infinity table and some terrain from recycled materials – but they’re projects for another set of blogs.

So this is the start of my journey into Space Marines – Having scoured the internet for various chapter options, I decided to go for ‘Heralds of War’ (which I only found on a random post on Pinterest) – I wanted to base my army heavily on the stealthy infiltrators, and figured that the overriding greyness of them would give them a natural bit of camouflage in urban scenarios. (Plus I have surplus of Uniform Grey Army Painter paint…)

Anyway; here’s a little stage by stage painting gallery of my first Suppressor (crikey, the clear plastic stands are a pain in the backside to glue on…)

Until next time..