Following Good: the Battle, and Nice: The Expansion; ProjectGood are currently developing their new game TiRoBEx (Tiny Robots, Big Explosions) and will be playtesting it down the club over the coming weeks, starting this Friday. It is using seriously small robots, expandable blast templates, and power-up crates.

From their website ( – “The name says it all. Take control of the smallest robots, and run amok on the battlefield with explosions so huge that they cause the very ground to shake, obscure your vision and create a fireball so big that it lasts well into the following turns of the game. Allocate your power to ensure your robot has the best chance of survival; will you increase your power, attempt to dodge incoming fire, run like the wind? Whatever you choose, don’t forget about the power-ups scattered around the board, these could make or break your game…”




If you fancy getting involved in these early stages of game development, just pop down on Friday and join in!