New company Bandua has paired up with Corvus Belli to bring us some all new terrain pieces for the futuristic urban battle fields of Infinity!


This first range is apparently created with functionality in mind, allowing gamers to create a quick and easily transportable game setting.
As you can see from these images these buildings match in well with the style of Infinity and generally look to be of a pretty high quality. However, the real beauty of these pieces seems to lie in their easily portable nature.
The three main buildings have been specifically designed to stack inside one another, meaning you can transport your terrain safely and easily from battle to battle.

This, of course, can also be reversed so that you can create a tall tower, perfect for your Hassassin Lasiq to snipe at the enemy from (viral ammo sniper shots for the win).


This is a very impressive first selection from Bandua, creating a good mix between cool appearance and functionality. Its portability makes it extremely useful, especially where tournaments and the like are concerned.