Saga Salute Teaser

Gripping Beast have dropped a rather slim teaser on their Facebook page for Salute 2013 which appears to show a large building for the Dark Age world of SAGA…


As you can see it really is a slim looking preview, but you should be able to make out what looks to be a massive mead hall. If this is part of a big diorama board, a participation game, or something for sale we don’t know yet but there is a big newsletter on the way apparently so we should watch the horizon for news.


New From GBP!
Available at SALUTE’13 (20th April) and on the web-site that weekend.
We will be taking pre-orders for collection at Salute so if you want to secure a box (or more!) please email us.
£20 a box.
Any mix of three boxes of plastics (Hirdmen, Thegns or Warriors), £53
Any five boxes. £85.

Who’s In The Box?
These Dark Age Warriors may be used to represent almost any unarmoured European warrior from the Late Antiquity to the Early Medieval period. They might be found in the Axillary of Justinian’s Byzantines, in the Goth hordes that fought across Europe in the twilight years of the Roman Empire, lining the Shieldwall at The Battle Of Hastings, supporting the Thegns of Alfred The Great or the Hirdmen of his Viking enemies, or even raiding unsuspecting villages and monasteries throughout this period.

What’s In The Box?
Inside you will find parts to assemble 40 finely-detailed Dark Age Warriors. Each Warrior can be armed with a spear but for extra flexibility, the set also contains additional parts for you to make up to 8 of these warriors with swords, up to 8 with hand axes, up to 32 with slings or up to 16 with javelins. The box also contains extra parts to create horn-blowers and plastic bases for all your figure.