Saga Rulebook coverFollowing on from the battle of the bands we are now going to run a bigger tournament for saga. This will be ran over the course of the next six months. We are looking to get the first round done in three months and then the next rounds done again in three months.

The basic set up is the same as the world cup system. so we will have groups of four players. Each player will play each other once with 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss as of the scenario. Then the top two from each group will progress to the Ko stage. This is the part that I’m hoping will be done in three months or less. Every game will be using a 6 point warband. You will keep the same faction for every game, also if you use a “named warlord” again you will have to keep him for every game.

I have drawn the groups out of a hat, as we don’t have 16 active players there will be a few “player 1″s. If we can’t fill this spot with a player then group games Vs “player 1” will count as a win. Of course players will be asked to fill out their games with active player in their groups, to give us time to try and find an real player to step up.

If you find your name on the list and you didn’t want to play, first speak to Alan, then let me know and I’ll take you off and look for a sub.

Here are the groups:

Steve Tee

East Anglia

“Player 1”


Semi finals:

Game 1: Winner Merica Vs 2nd East Anglia
Game 2: Winner East Anglia Vs 2nd Merica
Game 3: Winner Wessex Vs 2nd Northumberland
Game 4: Winner Northumberland Vs 2nd Northumberland

Quarter finals:

Quarter 1: Winner of game 1 Vs Winner of game 2
Quarter 2: Winner of game 3 Vs Winner of game 4


Winner of Quarter 1 Vs Winner of Quarter 2

Third place play off:

Loser of Quarter 1 vs Loser of Quarter 2

I’ll sort out a rules pack that will stay up the club. It will have all the info you need to set up the game and the list of scenarios that can be played, also in this you can record results and it will be updated with the lasted tables. I’ll also sort out a page in the events section of this site that will be updated as well.

We will start as of now and I’d hope to have the first round done by 27th of April.

Questions are welcome.