Found this list of top ten games that can be played over your lunch break. Think that having a top ten list section here would be quite good, as it creates discussion and we all love list’s. So here’s the list from the Play Board Games blog. Would love to here your thoughts below and what games would put where and if any are missing. We could possibly play test the list over lunch!

I recently got a new job in a bigger office. This office includes other people who like to play board games. So I figured I’d put together a list of the Top Ten games to play over lunch. In order to make this list the games have to be setup, played and put away in an hour. Also I thought about how portable they are and how much table space they take up. As usual I cannot list games I have not played, but games I have heard good things about are listed with the honorable mentions.
Here are my Top Ten Lunch Time Board Games:

10. Fluxx – This game is easy to teach and quick to play. There are many flavors so you can pick whichever your group likes best.

9. Timeline – Another game that plays fast and can be taught in minutes. Might be higher if there was more replay value and it took a bit less space.

8. Guillotine – Only plays up to five people, but it is fun, super portable and very accessible.

7. Smash Up – Easy to teach and lots of fun, but when playing with new people may push it close to the one hour time limit.

6. For Sale – This game is a bit light, but it is fun, quick and in a small box.

5. Race for the Galaxy – This game is a blast and easy to take anywhere. It meets all my requirements and should be higher on this list, but new players will have to deal with the steep learning curve.

4. Guildhall – Fun mechanics, quick set-up and easy to teach and play. Need I say more?

3. Dominion – Great deck-builder that is accessible and plays fast. Takes up space, could be more portable and set up and take down can be long.

2. 7 Wonders – Fun, scales well from three to seven players and plays in about 45 minutes.

1. King of Tokyo – Easy to teach, quick and lots of fun with a relatively small box. Good variety with the power cards and plays up to six.

Honorable mentions (I have either heard good things about these games, but have not played them or they just missed my list): Carnival, Fealty, Incan Gold, Kittens in a Blender, Pandemic, Pastiche, Sentinels of the Multiverse, Take It or Leave It, Villagers and Villains