Going to have a SAGA double nighter on the 11th and 18th of Jan 2013.

This is how it will work, taking Brian’s “bands” idea and we are going to use that. Each player will need a 5 point warband from the current lists available (see me if your not sure about a list). We hope to have 3 games a night, that is why it’s only a 5 point warband. Each warlord will start with 2 bands, he can gain more when he or any of his units wipe out a unit on his opponents side, or by completing an objective as part of the game. But he will also take half (round down) of his opponents bands at the point he or a unit defeats his opponents warlord.

After each game the warband is resorted back to it’s starting list and the warlord is resurrected.

Players will need to provide some way of displaying the bands that they currently hold. This could be a spear in the ground on a base very like the flags I made for the hail caesar game, but not so big or any other way you feel is good. I’ll try and get some curtain rings that we can use as bands. But if you have something that you think would be better then please use them.

Here is a list of actions that will gain you bands:

Killing the opponents warlord= 1/2 (round down) of your opponents current bands
Wiping out a unit of Hearthguard= 2 bands
Wiping out a unit of Warriors = 1 band
Wiping out two units of levy’s = 1 band
Controlling only one of the objectives at the end of the game =1 band
Controlling both of the objectives at the end of the game =3 bands

The scenario will be to hold two objectives placed on the centre line of the board, these will be 12″ apart on a 4×4 table. A player controls the objective when he has a non levy figure within 4″ of the centre of the objective and there is no enemy figures also within 4″ of the centre of the objective. The game will last six turns. All bands are won at that point in the game, example, if you wipe out a unit you win those bands there and then and not at the end of the battle.

For the second night we will have a different scenario, which has yet to be determined.