Dust World Setting

Roll up Roll up….Demo games up for grabs.. all Welcome…

I am starting up some Dust Tactic/Warfare Demo games for peoples to get to grips and have ago with this superb and cheeper alternative to 40K …its based in a WW II Sci-fi/Pulp wargame setting of Paolo Parente’s Dust world.


These sessions should last around an hour each, so I’m looking to get at least two games in each night, easy maybe even three.

The dates I am looking to provide these games for are each and every Friday from 23rd and 30th of November up to the 7th and 14th December.

So come on lets dabble and try something new.. be Dangerous … Adventurous ..

You just need to bring your imagination and patience. I’ll provide all the troops, dice, stat cards, Rules and scenery required to play.

Here some of the troops you’ll have the opportunity to take control of during these sessions…

Axis and Allies – From original and revised Core sets.

Axis & Allies

Axis – Zombie and Gorilla Blutkreuz Korps Troops

Axis ZombiesAxis - Gorillas

Allied – Grim Reaper Tank Busters

Grim Reapers

Scenarios will involve – Capturing and controlling bridges and outposts, Storming/Holding city ports and breaking supply lines…

Come on your country needs you…

Axis or Allies……choose your side…..

Come on I mean ..Nazi’s, Zombies’ and Assault Gorilla unit’s…..what more do you need for a great time…

So if you want in on the gaming opportunity of the Millenium

Drop me your request to play on the Clubs Forum and best date/s your free for gaming, in the Dust Tactics Post, in the Games Chat Folder.

Thanks for Reading – Cheers Troopers