The date for this large four a side battle will be the 23rd of nov, don’t worry it’s on a friday night.

I have asked around for the numbers of figures that each player can use for this, and from that info, came up with the two sides.

This was done without counting cavalry that people will have, so its just the foot. Also I have tried to pair people up with like mind armies. So under the heading of Invaders and Settlers.

The Invaders are:

David (Viking)
Aidan (Using some of Eamons Vikings)
Alan/Ant (Viking)
Colin (Norman)

And the Settlers are:

Tony (Anglo Saxon)
Eamon (Anglo Saxon)
Nick (Anglo Saxon)
Steve (Welsh)

Counting up the figures each side has give us a total of 248 invaders and 249 settlers. Myself, steve and eamon have enough Cav to then be able to fill out the the rest and I know some others have some as well, I’ll ask next time i’m down about Cav and we can add them on.

As for army lists on the day, well I want to keep it simple, if we are to do this in a night then keeping it simple is the key. With that in mind and the fact that a lot of the armies in this period are about the same, their lists will be the same for each force but will use some special rules for each faction.

Each player can have:

1-2 commanders level 8

Clash Sus Short Long Morale Stam
0-1 Heavy Inf 7 7 3 0 4+ 6

Unlimited Medium Inf 6 6 3 0 5+ 6
Standard size 10 Minis

0-1 Medium Inf with 6 6 3 3 5+ 6
Spear or bow
Standard Size 10 Minis

0-1 Skirmishers or 5 4 3 0 0 6
Ranged Skirmishers 4 4 3 3 0 6
Standard size 10 Minis

0-2 Medium Cavalry 8 5 3 0 5+ 6
Standard Size 8 Minis

0-1 Horse Archers 6 4 3 3 6+ 6
Standard Size 8 Minis Parthian Shot

0-1 Large unit upgrade +2 +2 +2 – – +2
Large unit 20+ Minis

Special Rules:

Vikings 0-1 unit may be upgraded to Tough fighters (Reroll one missed combat attack)

Anglo Danish 0-1 unit may be upgraded to Elite 4+ (Recover from disorder on a roll of 4+)

Welsh 0-1 unit bay be upgraded to Feigned Flight (Can Move out of combat)

Normans 0-1 unit may be upgraded to Valiant (Break test reroll once per battle)

Just to try and answer some of the question before you post them. Yes you can use the unit upgrade on a cav unit and yes you could upgrade your heavy and give them your faction special rule.

Myself and Colin tested out some movement trays last week and they worked out ok, I’m hoping to have some more made up for this date but if you do have your own then please bring them along.