Warmachine PC Game

Privateer Press and WhiteMoon Dreams have teamed up to bring us a Warmachine computer game for both PC and Mac. Check out the teaser trailer below… From the Press Release… “WARMACHINE: Tactics will include a single-player campaign and feature synchronous and asynchronous online multi-player play. The game will launch with …

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Urban War Demo Table

Here’s the Urban War Demo table made for Diceni in Norwich on 7th April 2013 The central core is made from a computer monitor, the laptop is housed beneath the whole structure. It includes LEDs in the two start zones and two rotating fans. The lifts are movable and random …

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Salute 2013 Trader Specials

Don’t forget to keep you eye on the ‘Trader Updates’ page of the Salute blog – it contains all the info about the show specials and give-aways – including 250 free KR Backpack tokens in the Salute Goody bags, and the chance to win the Bushido Display Board! More info here: http://slwarlords.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/2013%20pimp-my-trader