On Thursday Night the Chaos Dwarf team the Hashut Widowmakers hosted their Chaos loving Kin the dark Elves to the great Dwarf bastion of Golgorth.Due to the fact that Golgorth is subterrainean and a much anticipated Chaos honouring bloodbath a couple, too many Goblins were added to the sacrificial braziers surrounding the Golgorth Arena of Dispair. When Chaos Dwarves say a couple, they are of course talking thousand. The rendering fat content of the suckling Goblins chosen resulted in the entire match being played in sweltering heat. Something the Dark Elves from the frozen North fared far worse from. Hobgoblin Rhosun Gashgrut scored his second ever career touchdown in the first half. The Dark elves pulled a TD back shortly after half time but with the sweltering heat persisting, falling numbers and sweaty feet causing them to keep failing to Dodge meant they were finding it encreasingly hard to maintain containment. Hobgoblin Bedegran Wakdern scored his first career TD in the 7th turn of the half and to add inult to injury a free turn was rolled for the Chaos Dwarf on the kick off. A fortuitous bounce meant that the Chaos Dwarves with players to spare could waltz in pick up the ball and have a quick pass into their own half for safe keeping and a completion. That was the theory, reality was with temperature still climing the ball was more slippery from sweat than a greased roast halfling. Loth Vines (Hobgoblin) with a completion and him solely causing both casualties rewarded him rightly with the post match MVP.

– Alan Ritson